Trainer Sasha T

Sasha Teodosijev, 11 years of Personal Training Experience.

We know what we need to do for fat loss, yet we can’t find it in ourselves to do it. Why?

We have it in our minds that we should exercise and that it’s very good for us… yet we don’t do it. Why?

We have joint pain, muscle aches, back pain and we know we should do something about it… but we don’t. Why?

It is because we live in a world of instant gratification. You want to hear a certain song? You no longer have to wait for it to come on a radio, or even to find a track on a CD. You just google it and it plays. You want a meal? You just buy a fast food sandwich, microwave pre-made food etc… When it comes to your body, there is no such thing as instant gratification!

I don’t believe in GOALS. During the 11 years of full time training, I’ve come to realize that so long as you have a goal, you consider yourself a failure until you reach it. I only work on daily achievable challenges. This, I have found to be much more constructive on your way to a full and manageable lifestyle change.

Lifestyle Change is what you want. Whatever Fitness “Goal” you have in mind requires a change to the lifestyle that has gotten you there. It is that simple! When clients come to us, they’ve already spent large amounts of money on ‘Systems’, ‘Fad Diets’ (that change every week) … etc. We end up looking like fools because we wanted something that promised FAST RESULTS. My hope is to get you to skip that, save you some money and self esteem. Let’s get to the bottom of your needs in fitness and avoid sugar coated BS.

I’m straight forward. I’ve been through a lot of BS from health to weight. I’ve dealt with multitude of people from all walks of life. I’ve specialized in Corrective Exercise as I find it to be the foundation of injury-free, proper form fitness. Thus I train to build a stable, correct foundation for long-term sustainability.

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I hold/ have held following certifications: ISSA CPT, NASM CPT, NASM CES, 24hr. Fitness CPT, APEX Nutrition.

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