Trainer Stephen S.

About Me:

My break into the exercise world started as many people’s does, trying new equipment in the gym, unsure of correct form for exercises, and trying a “one size fits all” workout I saw in a magazine. I noticed some results through this process, but they were not the results I was hoping for. This sparked my desire to gain more knowledge and learn more to become a certified Personal Trainer. Not only would this allow me to better myself, but I would  also be able to  help people who are struggling in the same way that I was. I learned different ways to perform exercises correctly, how to progress people to the next steps, but most importantly I learned that the “one size fits all” approach I was trying, does not work because different people have different needs.

I aim to give you a personable workout experience through a functional exercise program for the demands of your unique lifestyle. I enjoy working with people who want to improve general fitness and health, child and high school athletes, and anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lifestyle.

  •           ACE Certified
  • ·         ViPR certified

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E-MAIL or Call at: 720-470-0755,