SasHa Teodosijev PT, CES

Master Trainer - 15 Years of Experience

National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist

About me

Within the last fifteen years I've held just about every certification out there: In 2009 I reached a Master Trainer status. (2000 sessions trained.)

It's half way through 2022 and I'm still training.

My style has been honed into functional, corrective, core, and stabilization training.

I've helped people with reversing injuries, losing body fat, and muscle gain. I work with the Senior population, and I coach sports.

Do I know everything? No, but I've learned a lot, I've heard a lot, and I've been through a lot.

Are you thinking about training? Are you dealing with a nagging injury? Do you have questions about nutrition? Give me a call.

My consultations are always free.

*Two spots currently open

*I am not certified to treat eating disorders. I do have a loved one who struggles with it, and I'm very cognizant/aware of it.

Contact: 720-308-6052 or